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How to Rank Pins on Pinterest (and Get Traffic)

Getting traffic… That’s the dream every blogger or website owner wants to achieve one day. 

With enough traffic it is an ease to increase your brand visibility and generate your first incomes. 

For those of you who struggle in this process, there is actually good news!

There is a social media platform that is the go-to source of traffic for many bloggers and website owners.

The magic platform is called PINTEREST.

With 518 millions active users monthly, Pinterest has a fantastic traffic potential! 

In this post you’ll everything you need to know on how to rank pins on Pinterest, so that you can get traffic to your website or blog!

For more insights, consider reading this post: 

Table of Contents

How to Rank Pins on Pinterest (and Get Traffic)

What is Pinterest?

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a social network, providing users a platform to discover, collect and share both images and videos.

Those images and videos are called Pins.

But what’s so great about Pinterest is that you can include links for each Pin you’re posting. 

This feature allows you to direct the people to your home page, latest blog posts or products pages.

So your Pinterest account is basically a huge network of links directing to your website.

That’s something that makes Pinterest extremely lucrative for website owners seeking for more traffic (no other social media platform has a comparable feature!).

How to Rank Pins on Pinterest

With millions of Pins screaming for attention, it can be challenging to stand out on Pinterest. 

That’s why we are now taking a look at what you can do to rank well on Pinterest:

1. Create Compelling Pins

Pinterest is a visual search engine, remember?

So what we want to do is to create visually appealing and engaging pins to rank high on Pinterest. 

Only use high-quality images or graphics that can capture your audience’s attention. 

Because that’s what all this is about:  Catching your audience’s attention, so that they want to read more about it.

Don’t forget to include a clear and compelling title or description that entices users to click through to your website.

2. Include Keywords

Including relevant keywords across your profile, is the most proven way to gain traffic. 

Try to write a keyword-rich pin and board description, to have the best chances to rank your pins on Pinterest. 

But how can you find these keywords?

Well, that isn’t as complicated as you might think. 

As any other search engine, Pinterest has something that’s called autocomplete. 

Once you start searching for something, Pinterest will complete your search inquiry based on relevant topics. 

Picture shows Pinterest's autocomplete feature when searching for pins. This can be used to find relevant keywords and to rank pins on Pinterest.

In this example, you now know that “best outfits for short curvy women jeans” is a relevant topic that’s been frequently searched for. 

In case, that your pin is about a similar topic, ensure to include this keyword in your description and title!

3. Pin Consistently

Equally important is consistency.

Growing an audience on Pinterest can take time. 

That’s because Pinterest’s algorithm has to understand your content first, before spreading it all across the platform. 

So we want to give Pinterest enough material to work with. 

According to many sources, you should ideally pin at least 15 pins per day. 

But from experience I can tell that quality goes over quantity. 

5 high quality pins are so much more worth it than 15 low-quality pins. 

Because, again, Pinterest’s algorithm rewards visually appealing and thus high-quality content much more.

So even if you only manage to post 3 to 5 times a day, but with high-quality content, it’s completely fine!

For those of you, who struggle to post that many pins per day manually: 

Tailwind is a super helpful content scheduling tool for Pinterest, allowing you to schedule your pins weeks or month in advance. 

Image shows the homepage of Tailwind, a content scheduling tool for Pinterest.

There are quite a number of bloggers, who can’t live without this tool anymore!


With Tailwind, there is no need to open Pinterest daily for uploading pins. 

You can upload all of your content  on Tailwind, and it will schedule your pins automatically. 

That makes pining consistently so much more time-efficient.

4. Join Group Boards

On Pinterest there is also a feature called group boards, that you should definitely use to rank Pins!

But what are boards in general? 

The board feature on Pinterest allows you to organize and categorize you pins by topics,

This makes it easier for both yourself and your audience to find specific content!

These boards can be also collaborative enabling other users to add pins to your boards.

These boards are called group boards.

Joining relevant group boards can significantly increase the exposure of your pins and attract more traffic to your website.

Look for active group boards with a large following and engagement, and follow their posting guidelines when sharing your pins. 

Joining group boards is a great way to increase your brand recognition.

5. Optimize Your Profile

Your Pinterest profile is essentially a showcase for your brand. 

So we want to optimize our profiles in the best way possible for maximum visibility and engagement. 

To do so, try to ensure the following points: 

1. Clear and recognizable profile picture

Your profile picture should be memorable, so that others remember your business. Your profile picture can be, for example, a picture of yourself or your logo.

2. Compelling and keyword-rich bio

Your profile bio hints at what your business is about. 

Include the most relevant topics you are dealing with. 

For maximum traffic, try to find relevant keywords for your niche (see above) and include them in your bio.

3. Organize your boards strategically 

By placing your  most important boards at the top, you can direct attention to specific pins. 

This way, you can increase traffic to specific content on your website!

6. Analyze and Adapt

As always: Use the data provided by Pinterest to adapt your strategies. 

Pinterest offers you a variety of data that can tell you what’s working and what’s not. 

Pay attention to these metrics: 

  • Impressions: The number of times your pin is displayed on Pinterest, whether in search results, home feeds, or boards.
  • Clicks: The number of times users click on your pin to view it in detail or visit the linked website.
  • Saves: The number of times users save your pin to their own boards, indicating interest and the desire to reference it later. 

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember everything you learned today! 🙂

Here is a one sentence summary for each step presented: 

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a social network, allowing you to share pins directing to specific URLs.

Use high-quality images and engaging titles to capture attention and encourage clicks.

Use Pinterests autocomplete feature to find keywords and include them to pins and descriptions.

Start with 3 to 5 high-quality pins per day and aim at 10 to 15 pins later on. 

Increase exposure by participating in active group boards relevant to your niche.

Your profile is a showcase for your brand, so ensure your profile is complete with a clear bio, relevant keywords, and well-organized boards.

Use Pinterest analytics to track performance, understand what works, and optimize your strategy for better results.


Final Thoughts

I hope you see why Pinterest is such a powerful platform to get traffic to your website. 

With the tips provided in this post, you are well-prepared to rank your pins on Pinterest. 

You got this!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch in the comment section below or write me an email!

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5 Home-Based Side Hustle Ideas for Women

I have already published a similar post on passive income ideas on this blog, but toady we want to focus on side hustle ideas perfectly tailored for each and every woman of you!


Well, for many women it is hardly possible to work standardized hours with no flexibility at all. 

Therefore, I want to give you some side hustle ideas that have one thing in common: Maximum flexibility!

So here are my top 5 home-based side hustle ideas for women!

5 Home-Based Side Hustle Ideas for Women

Due to digitalization, more and more tasks can be done remotely without the need to be at a certain place to do your work.

Instead, latest programs (more later) enable us to work whenever and wherever we want. 

You prefer to work from home and only from 6 to 8 pm.?

No problem with the right side hustle idea!

That’s the flexibility I touched on in the introduction above. 

I hope you now know why you should definitely seize this great opportunity of earning money from the comfort of your home!

Without further ado, let us jump right into the top 5 home-based side hustle ideas for women:  

Starting a Blog

Maybe it was obvious to receive such an advice from someone who started a blog himself.

But don’t get me wrong: I’m 100% sure that starting an own blog is one of the best ways to make money from home. 

And there is enough evidence for its huge potential: 

  1. Adam Enfroy
  2. TheSheApproach
  3. TheWorkatHomeWoman

All of these blogs are making thousands of dollars per month. 

How do blogs like these earn so much money?

Let us have a look at the main income stream of bloggers: 

Isn’t that amazing?

Starting something from the comfort of your home and earning extra cash from it monthly!

That’s possible with an own blog. 

I already created an entire step-by-step guide on how to start a blog with all must-have programs, just click here: 

Freelance Writing or Content Creation

The number of freelancers is increasing more and more worldwide. 

Only in the US there were a whopping 64 million freelancers in 2023.

And you can be part of this too!

Especially big content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, influencers) are looking for people who can create content for their pages.

For huge blogs, for example, it is usual to hire freelancers for writing their blog posts. 

So if you are passionate about helping an audience and enjoy writing, this might be the go-to side hustle for you. 

In the best case, you choose blogs or social media channels that align with your personal interests. 

Not only is it 100 times more enjoyable to write about something that you are interested in, but also you might have specific knowledge in a particular niche.

The higher your quality is, the more people will recommend you, and the more you’ll grow!

Due to programs helping you to connect with clients, it is not that hard to get your first client. 

I recommend you to use the following websites: 

Make sure to create a convincing description of your service, so that people know what you’re exactly offering.

Online Coach

Is there a field you are knowledgeable about and you enjoy teaching others?

Then online tutoring might be your favorite side hustle to start!

Online tutoring is extremely lucrative for each and every one of you with specific expertise. 

Having graduated college to become a coach is also no must!

Expertise can be also gained through experiences. 

Just think of everything you could potentially help people with and go for it!

Here are some niches you could focus on (depends on your passion and knowledge):

  • Business Coaching
  • Language Learning
  • Academic Writing
  • Music Education  
  • Computer Programming and Coding 

Online coaches mostly make money through ebooks, online courses, seminars and other informational products.

You can also offer one-on-one coaching sessions via phone, email or video chat. 

Once you are well-established in your niche the sky is the limit for your income. 

The best about it? Selling online courses and ebooks is one of the ways to make money passively!

Once you have created your digital products, it keeps generating more money automatically!

There are a bunch of other ways to make money passively. Read this post for more:

Social Media Management

As a social media marketer it is your task to manage small business owner’s social media accounts. 

To do so, you’ll need to be familiar with each platform you are offering your service for. 

Think Pinterest, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Also, it is extremely important that you know how each platform works. 

Every platform has its own algorithm making it necessary to optimize your client’s content accordingly. 

Example: While publishing colorful images with text is best for Pinterest ,on Instagram you better create short videos to get the best results. 

But be ware that there is no rule on how to get viral. Being on top of new trends is key as a social media marketer.

To get your first social media client, in most cases it is best to give evidence of your work with an own successful platform.

Let me give you an example: Having an own website that drives significant traffic from Pinterest is a great figurehead for your work. 

Once people know how well you did with Pinterest, they’ll most probably ask you for assistance.

And that’s your chance!

Social media marketers can make money by, for example, setting up a business profile, optimizing content and answering questions.


Another great home-based side hustle idea is podcasting.

If you are passionate about a specific niche consider launching your own podcast.

Podcasting means creating audio content.

What kind of audio content you choose is up to you, but it should resonate with your target audience. That’s important!

You can choose, for example, storytelling, interviews, educational content, or entertainment. 

Also, with podcast hosting platforms like Anchor and distribution channels like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, there is such a low barrier for you to enter this side hustle.

Podcasting can be perfectly done from home, just grab a good microphone and a laptop and you are all set to start!

Before you’re getting started right away, let us have a quick look at how podcasters make their money: 

Podcasters make the most of their money through ads and sponsorships. 

Besides, you can make money though affiliate marketing and premium content. 

You can also launch crowdfunding campaigns to fund production costs or special projects.

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember everything you learned today! 🙂

Home-based side hustles offers you a maximum of flexibility: Work whenever and from wherever you want!

Being able to set your own schedules and work from home, makes it easier to find a better balance between your personal and professional lives.

This results in an overall good work-life balance.

Every side hustle mentioned above should ideally match a passion of yourself. 

This way, you can pursue your passion, unleash new creativity and achieve personal fulfillment all together with the right side hustle.

Unlike other (traditional) business models, every side hustle idea mentioned in this post, has a low barrier to entry. 

With home-based side hustles you have minimal to no upfront costs and overhead expenses, making it accessible for each and every one of you.

Having a profitable side hustle offers women more financial independence and empowerment. 

By using your personal skills and knowledge you can build a profitable side hustle from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that great?

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading to the end of this post about 5 home-based side hustle ideas for women.

I hope you could find something suitable for yourself.

Now there’s only one thing to do: Starting your own side hustle!


The picture serves the purpose to display the post's topic. This post deals with the question how to start a profitable side business with zero investment.

How to Start a Profitable Side Business with Zero Investment

The biggest obstacle preventing people from starting their own business, are upfront costs. 

And I can understand that, because who tells you that you are going to get your money back?

But there is good news! There are enough profitable side business you can start with ZERO investments. 

Be ready to learn everything about how to start a profitable side business with zero investment.

Identify Your Skills

What do we have to ask ourselves first off? 

Well, the very first step of starting a profitable side business is to identify where you good at. 

Asking yourself this question is super important as it gives you a hint at which business model is best for you (see below).

A complete breakdown of this initial self-assessment could look similar to this: 

1. Self-Reflection

Ideally, you begin with self-reflection. In this process take your time to go through past experiences both personally and professionally.

Did you experience any moment of accomplishment or fulfillment? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

These are all central questions that are super helpful to determine your natural talent and passions.

2. Skills Inventory

I would recommend you to grab a piece of paper and a pen to write everything down you think you have skill, knowledge and abilities in. 

These can be both hard (tangible, technical) and soft skills (communication skills) acquired, for example, through work experience, hobbies, or personal interests.

Once you’ve written everything down, try to identify unique talents and expertise that set you apart.

3. Asking Friends and Family 

In some cases, friends and family see skills that you may overlook. 

Therefore, it is also available to reach out to friends, family members, colleagues, or mentors for detecting personal skills and abilities.

4. Assess Market Demand 

Well, when speaking of a PROFITABLE side business, you should always (!) evaluate the current market demand in your niche. 

It is quite useless to put effort into something with low-demand and a low profit potential.

You want a niche that is highly profitable. Otherwise, your side business will not earn you a single penny. 

Are there emerging markets or niches where your skills are in high demand? Are there gaps or pain points that you can address with your unique skill set?

Questions similar to these, help you identifying a highly profitable niche perfectly tailored to your skills and interests.

How to Start a Profitable Side Business with Zero Investment

As already mentioned, starting an own business requires you to take risks, especially when it involves high upfront costs. 

But luckily there are a few business ideas, that really have no upfront costs at all.

The only thing you need is a bit of time and persistence to make your business work. 

Therefore, your only risk is to loose a bit of your time! (you won’t…)

That’s it!

So let us have a look at profitable side businesses to start with zero investments. 

Important: Though there are other business ideas with zero investment necessary, I’m going to concentrate on just a handful. That’s because I think the following are far more successful in the long term.

Offer Freelance Services

In our first step (identifying our skills), we now ideally know something about what we are good in.

Are you a passionate writer, graphic designer or programmer?

These are very valuable skills to be offered as freelance services. 

Offering freelance services is one of the quickest ways to start a profitable business with zero investments. 

And how to get my first client? 

That’s probably the most important question for people just starting out.

In case of freelance services, there are a bunch of marketplaces with high demand for freelance talent across various niches. 

Here is my top recommendation:

Monetize Your Expertise

Are you specialized knowledge or expertise in a particular field?

If so, congratulation!

Monetizing your expertise will be your way to go.

There are so many people and business out there looking for coaching of any kinds. 

Think career coaching, fitness training, language tutoring, or financial advisory,… the sky is really the limit here!

And no worries: You don’t have to make your coaching sessions in person.

You can leverage completely FREE to use online communication tools such as Zoom or Skype to realize your coaching virtually. 

I hope you see, why each and every one of you should finally start a business: You really don’t have to invest a single penny!

So let us look at other fantastic ways to start a profitable business with zero investments!

Start a Blog or Social Media

If you have a passion for writing and content creation you ca, instead of offering freelance services, use it for your won purpose. 

In other words: With passion for writing and content creation you have everything you need to start an own blog.

Having an own blog running is super lucrative in terms of profitability.


An own blog gives you so much possible monetization options once you have reached high traffic to your website. 

Alternatively, you can think of starting out with social media. 

Only YouTube, for example, has paid out a whopping $70 billion to its creators in the last 3 years. 

It that’s not a HUGE income potential for you, I don’t what is…

With social media you can primarily earn with ads and affiliate marketing (see below).

The best about it? The use of social media platforms is a 100% FREE. 

So if you are a passionate video and content creator, do not wait any longer and get started!

Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of those business models without any upfront costs. 

Once you have grown a decent audience through, for example, social media, you can now make a bunch of money with affiliate marketing. 

For those of you who haven’t heard of affiliate marketing: It refers to promoting other people’s or companies products. 

For each sale generated through your unique affiliate links, you’ll get paid a commission.

That’s how affiliates make money. 

You’ll get these affiliate links through so-called affiliate programs and networks.

And as I said, with enough people seeing your content on your blog, website or social media account, chances are high to make a lot of money. 

Starting affiliate marketing is also completely free with no upfront costs at all. 

Offer Online Courses and E-Books

The demand for online education is rising more and more: That’s a fact!

According to statista, the global revenue of the online education market is projected to reach roughly $185 billion in 2024.

And you can take advantage of that! (isn’t that great!)

If you are knowledgeable about a certain field use your expertise and create valuable online course and e-books. 

Make sure to choose a niche people are highly interested in, so that you can earn good money from it!

There are completely FREE platforms you can use to host and sell your digital products. 

Udemy and Teachable are two of the most popular ones.

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember everything you learned today! 🙂

It is super important that you start leveraging your amazing skills. 

Go a step back and identify your skills. This is where starting a profitable business with zero investment begins. 

Depending on your skills and preferences, then decide on a business model (see above).

Regardless of the business model you choose, focus on creating value for your customers. 

This way you build trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships that drive sustainable growth and profitability.

There is rarely somebody that does everything right at the beginning. 

You’ll come across pitfalls and challenges when starting out something new. 

Staying persistent during these times is key to success. 

To grow your business, you’ll also have to create content consistently. 

But with the right amount of passion, this will be an ease!

The most important thing I want you to remember from this post is: You have nothing to loose!

With every business model mentioned you don’t have to invest a single penny, yet you have so much income potential.

You can literally start a business for FREE.

Please, overcome your doubts and go for it!


Final Thoughts

So that’s how you can start a business with ZERO investment.

I hope I could give you some valuable ideas to encourage you to start your own zero-investment business journey.

Those opportunities we have today, are too amazing to just not use them!

If you have any questions regarding starting your business, please leave a comment down below. 

I’m there for you!

You got this!

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Dos and Don’ts for Maximizing Traffic with Pinterest

Driving website traffic through Pinterest is such a powerful method nowadays. 

Mastering Pinterest gives you the opportunity to grow your website audience extremely quick. 


Well, Pinterest currently (2024) has 518 million active users monthly, with people looking for everything you can imagine.

This is a great chance for you to increase your website traffic for FREE and QUICKLY.

To give you some guidance on this, here are my top dos and don’ts for maximizing traffic with Pinterest.

Understanding the Concept of Pinterest

Pinterest is slightly different compared to other poplar social media platforms such as Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook. 

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a social network, providing users a platform to discover, collect and share both images and videos.

Those images and videos are called Pins, that can be organized in boards. 

Boards are a way to categorize ideas you either created yourself or discovered somewhere else. 

Similarly to other platforms, you can search for other pins and content. 

If you enjoy somebody’s content is it also possible to follow account and to interact by commenting and sharing pins.

For the majority of the users, Pinterest is a source of inspiration and a collection of different ideas. 

However, Pinterest is highly lucrative for business too.

This is the moment you should be all ears!


Well, Pinterest has the great feature that you can include your website links in each Pin you are creating. This means, the people have just to click on your pin to be redirected to your page. 

What else does this mean for you?

Well, you have to design your pins as interesting as possible so people are curious to explore more about it!

Dos and Don'ts for Maximizing Traffic with Pinterest

As I first launched my Pinterest account, I remember that I have made a bunch of mistakes. 

Even though mistakes are a great source of learning, I want to give you the best advice for growing quickly on Pinterest. 

Because let’s be honest: We want to drive more traffic to our website as quick as possible. 

So there is no need for time-consuming mistakes. 

I want to make sure that you get the most out of your Pinterest account.

Therefore, let us have a look at dos and don’ts for maximizing traffic with Pinterest.

The Dos

Good news! There are actionable and proven steps to maximize your traffic with Pinterest. 

Want do we exactly want?

Well, in order to drive more traffic to your own website, we want to get more people to see our Pinterest account first, right?

Because sooner or later we have to catch people’s attention!

Try to follow these best practices to see success. Here you go:

1. Optimize Your Profile

It all begins with a decent profile page.

First things first, you should, of course, give your Pinterest page a name, ideally your brand name.

Also, make sure to upload a high-quality and unique logo, that reflects your brand. 

Equally, it is super important that people can find you as easily as possible.

Therefore, try to write a keyword-rich bio, that explains what your account is about. 

Think daily recipes, fitness routines, diets,…

Writing your bio is a really individual thing, but should ultimately give people an idea of your Pinterest account.

Pinterest also gives you the opportunity to include a verified website address in your bio.

You should definitely use this feature. 

Including a verified website address in your bio, shows Pinterest that you are “legit” and trustworthy. 

This gives you a greater chance of Pinterest pushing your content.

2. Create Eye-Catching Content

As I said above, you want to catch people’s attention. 

This is the reason why you should create pins that are unique and eye-catching. 

I recommend you to look at your competitor’s pins to get some inspiration. 

Important: This doesn’t mean that you should copy pins. 

Get some inspiration and design your own pins.

3. Pin Consistently

There is one super essential thing when it comes to maximizing traffic with Pinterest: Pinning consistently!

Pinterest is obsessed with consistency. No joke. 

In case that you are just starting out, try to determine a posting schedule that works for you.

According to several sources around the internet, you should ideally pin around 5 to 10 times a day. 

This sounds like a lot, I know. 

Especially for beginners, I recommend to start with 1 to 2 pins daily. 

But sooner or later, you want to reach at least 5 pins a day to see growth more quickly. 

And I know how challenging this is, but luckily there are Pinterest management tools out there. 

One of the most widespread is TailWind, that makes it a hundred times easier to cope with posting multiple times a day,

This tool gives you the opportunity to schedule your content in advance, making it into necessary to open Pinterest daily. 

You can basically create and schedule pins for a whole month in a single day.

So, try to be consistent in posting content to get more traffic.

4. Utilize Keywords Strategically

I already touched on that a moment ago.

Similarly to any other social network, including keywords is super important in Pinterest.

For maximizing your traffic with Pinterest, make sure to include keywords that are relevant to your niche.

To find the right keywords, you can simply use Pinterest’s search function. 

Just type in your topic into the search bar and you’ll see a dropdown with keywords suitable to your topic. 

Incorporate these relevant keywords into your pin descriptions, board titles, and board descriptions to improve the discoverability of your content.

5. Creating Rich Pins

Pinterest gives you the feature to include little extracts of your website content within your Pin. 

This type of Pin is called Rich Pin.

This can be product details, recipe ingredients, article metadata, and more.

Making use of this feature makes your Pins more engaging and informative for users.

6. Organize with Boards

As explained above, boards serve the purpose to organize your content, so that people can find what they are looking for quickly. 

And each and every one of you should use this feature. 

Create at leas 5 to 7 boards, that align with your audience interests and are logically structured. 

It is also great to fill these boards with content from other users.

If you stumble upon Pins, that might be helpful for your audience too, please add them to your own boards!

This way, more and more people will follow your account, making your traffic increase.

The Don'ts

To reach your traffic gaol as quick as possible, you don’t want to make too many mistakes. 

Therefore, here are the most common pitfalls you should definitely avoid!

1. Don't Ignore Pinterest SEO

The biggest mistake that you can do is ignoring Pinterest SEO completely. 

Pinterest is a search engine, which is why you should always optimize your content for search. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up with extremely low visibility and with no growth at all. 

So, don’t overlook the power of using relevant keywords and optimizing your pins and boards for Pinterest’s search algorithm.

2. Don't Spam

This is such an important one: Do never spam. 

Once Pinterest notices you spamming you’ll be flagged resulting in a shadow ban. 

And let me tell you this: Being shadow banned is your worst enemy. 

You can barely get out of this situation. 

Also, who wants to follow somebody who spams low-quality pins with no value at all?

Instead, try to focus on providing value and inspiration. 

Only this way, you can gain a decent following in the long-term.

And that’s what you want when trying to maximize traffic with Pinterest. 

3. Don't be Inconsistent in Branding

To maximize our traffic with Pinterest, we have to make sure that people remember our brand.

This is when branding comes into the game. 

You should try to design your content with typical fonts, colors or other elements associated with your brand. 

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across your content, makes your content instantly recognizable for your audience.

4. Don't Neglect Analytics

Pinterest has great features that allow you to keep track on your profile. 

Checking your impressions, pin clicks or saves… All of this and even more can be seen with Pinterest analytics.

This is an extremely powerful tool as it helps you understand your audience and track the performance of your pins and boards. 

You should definitely make use of this tool. Seriously!

5. Don't Neglect Quality for Quantity

At one of the dos from above, I’ve said that you should ideally pin 5 to 10 times a day. And that’s still true.

But this doesn’t mean that you should post 10 low-quality pins just to have at least 10 pins posted a day. 

That is not how it works. 

It is far better to create 3 high-quality pins than 15 low-quality pins a day (that’s more or less spamming…not good)

So what I want to say I, that quality goes clearly over quantity. 

At the end of the day, you should focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that adds value to your audience’s Pinterest experience.

6. Don't Forget to Engage

As you grow your audience, more and more people will reach out to you. 


Well, in most cases through the comment section below your pins. 

Take the time to answer questions and to give your audience more insights on a specific topic when needed. 

The more you interact, the better!

This way, you appear more trustworthy and credible to your audience, which is super essential when trying to maximize traffic with Pinterest.

Building relationships with your audience is really key to success.

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember everything you learned today! 🙂

For today’s post it is quite hard to create a takeaway section. Everything is important. 

But here are the most important key messages I want you to remember for this post:

Neglecting Pinterest SEO is the biggest mistake you can do!

Therefore, try to optimize your profile, board descriptions and pins for Pinterest SEO.

You can do this by including relevant keywords for your niche.

Try to maintain an active presence on Pinterest by publishing pis consistently. 

For the beginning, 2 to 3 daily pins should be fine. 

Later on, try to aim at 5 to 10 posts a day.

That’s my recommendation.

Visual appeal meatier at Pinterest. 

That’s because Pinterest is a visual search engine. 

Therefore, invest in high-quality pins with creative fonts, colors and images.

Convincing people to click through your website should be your main goal when designing your pins.

After having optimized your profile, it is super important to track your results. 

Doing so, you can detect mistakes and optimize your strategy. 

Pinterest offers such great analytics, please use them!

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more normal than making mistakes. You don’t want to know how many mistakes I did and still do… 

The fear of making mistakes should never prevent you from starting. 

You got this!

I hope that this post could at least give you some assistance on how to maize traffic with Pinterest.

If there is still anything unclear, please reach out in the comment section below.

The picture shows the post's topic being startup success stories with valuable lessons for entrepreneurs.

Startup Success Stories: Lessons from Online Entrepreneurs Who Made It Big

The best lessons come from people who already achieved something . I hope you agree on that. 

There is a simple reason for that: They have went through the exact same things you are in now.

So in hope that you can learn valuable lessons, here are the most famous startup success stories for you! 

Challenges of Building a Business

I think it is important to say the truth: Building an own online business is challenging. 

That’s a simple fact. 

Why else not everybody has an own profitable business running by now?

Let us have a look at some of the most common challenges of entrepreneurship, especially for beginners:

At the beginning of your journey, you will be confronted with several obstacles and challenges.

You will also make mistakes and won’t see a single sign of success for a long time. 

During these hard times, many people tend to quit. 


Simple answer: LACK OF MOTIVATION 

But let me tell you this: Not seeing any success at the beginning is absolutely normal. 

It is just extremely important to keep going. 

So staying motivated is one of the biggest challenges, especial for beginners.

  • Getting Ahead of Competitors 

Unless you invent something the world hasn’t seen yet, you always have competitors around your business. 

Getting ahead of your competitors means that you have to do something better than they do.

That’s definitely a challenging task. 

  • Gaining Visibility

Of course you want people to see what you are doing. 

Attracting customers in an overcrowded marketplace is hard, but achievable with the right marketing strategies.

Wondering how you can increase your website traffic for more visibility? Read this post on how to increase website traffic.

But there are good news: There is enough evidence of people who succeeded in building an successful business!

And those are the people, we, fellow hustlers, can learn the best lessons from.

Startup Success Stories: Lessons from Online Entrepreneurs Who Made It Big

So let us have a look at a handful of startup success stories and their valuable lessons for us!

1. Airbnb: Disrupting the Hospitality Industry

I’m pretty sure that you somewhere heard of Airbnb before. 

Founded by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk in 2008, Airbnb started as a way to rent out air mattresses in their San Francisco apartment to travelers. 

It is also quite funny how the brand name was born: It actually stands for AirBed and Breakfast. 

That’s because the founders originally rent out their air mattresses and offered free breakfast on top of that.

Interesting, right? (Didn’t know this either)

What Airbnb stands for today?

Airbnb is great platform for both property owners and people looking for vacation homes.

The founder team managed to establish it as a household name in the hospitality industry, with millions of listings worldwide.

Lesson Learned:

Innovation and adaptation are key.

Airbnb didn’t just disrupt the hotel industry – it revolutionized the way people travel and experience destinations.

This was possible because they could identify a gap in the market and created a solution for that.

Therefore, the business could grow quickly, especially because there was little to no competition around.

2. Dropbox: Solving a Common Problem with Simplicity

Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi founded Dropbox in 2007 with a simple yet powerful idea: cloud storage that seamlessly syncs across devices.

Their idea was born thanks frustration with existing file-sharing methods. and they set out to create a solution that was intuitive and user-friendly.

From there on, the two entrepreneurs were determined to create their own more intuitive and user-friendly solution.

Today, Dropbox boasts millions of users worldwide.

Lesson Learned:

Focus on solving  problems.

Dropbox, in this case, succeeded by addressing a common pain point—file storage and sharing—in a way that was accessible to everyone.

Regardless of your niche or business model, try always to satisfy and help your customers with your products/ services/ posts/… 

This way, similar to the founders of Dropbox, you’ll succeed in building a loyal customer base.

3. Shopify: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Sell Online

Tobi Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake founded Shopify in 2006 to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and run their own online stores.

By offering an all-in-one platform for e-commerce, they ultimately made online selling accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Today, Shopify powers over a million online stores worldwide.

Lesson Learned:

Empower your customers.

What does this mean?

Try to put your customers’ needs first!

At the end of the day, Shopify’s success goes back to relentless focus on helping entrepreneurs succeed.

The bottom line: Analyze what your audience needs are and try to satisfy them with every tool you have! 

4. Slack: Transforming Communication in the Workplace

Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov founded Slack in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing workplace communication.

What started as an internal tool for their gaming company quickly gained traction and became one of the most popular messaging platforms for teams and businesses.

Lesson Learned:

Listen to your users.

Taking feedback seriously is super important. 

Identifying your customers needs! I hope you remember?

The founders didn’t do anything other than that.

They had a brilliant idea and then improved their product based on customer input.

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember everything you learned today! 🙂

Many startup success stories show us that identifying market gaps are key to success.

Analyze your competition and try to offer something nobody else does.

Successful businesses have one thing in common: They are solving some kind of problem. 

Try always to help your customers. 

Only this way, you can build a loyal customer base.

Putting customers first and providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed is essential for long-term success.

Analyze your customers’ needs and act accordingly.

Feedback is a fantastic way to identify your customers’ needs. 

Therefore, take feedback seriously and improve your products/ services/ articles … according to your customers’ input.

If there is one thing these startup success stories teach us, it has to be the persistence to never give up.

Stay true to your goals, be motivated in the face of challenges and you most certainly reach success!


Final Thoughts

I always find such startup success stories very inspirational. It reminds me that everything I am doing here has a purpose and will pay off!

What do you think about this?

Let me know in the comment section down below!

Picture shows what the post is about. The post deals with 30 inspirational quotes to stay motivated on your online business journey.

30 Inspirational Quotes to Stay Motivated on Your Online Business Journey

Imagine this: You are publishing new posts multiple times a week, promoting your content on various social media platforms and always aiming at helping your audience. 

That’s what every post on how to build a successful online business will recommend you to do. 

But for some reason you are not seeing the growth you have expected. 

Instead, you website traffic is not really increasing at all. 

This is the moment, where many new businesses fail. 

Why so?

Well, most people want to see results right away. If that’s not the case, they ultimately loose motivation and give up their business. 

I don’t want this to happen to you! Especially at the beginning of your online business journey, it is super important to stay motivated and disciplined. 

That’s why I collected 30 inspirational quotes to stay motivated on your online business journey.

90% of Online Businesses Fail within 4 Months

In fact, according to a survey by MarketingSignals, 90% of all online businesses fail within 120 days. 

What’s the reason for this huge rate?

The survey speaks of “Poor online marketing performance coupled with an overall lack of search engine visibility”. 

This, of course, results in less growth leading to a loss of motivation.

What many people forget: It is completely fine to not master online marketing and SEO right away. 

And even if you are doing everything properly, it sometimes just takes a while to see significant growth. 

Sooner or later you will get to the point of success.

That’s why a tiring starting process, should not discourage you to keep going.  

30 Inspirational Quotes to Stay Motivated on Your Online Business Journey

Because of this challenging starting process, staying motivated is even more important.

With the following quotes I want to give you some input why you should pursue your goal of an own online business. 

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."- Steve Jobs

The quite wants to tell us that you have to be passionate about a thing to be great in doing this thing. 

From my own experience, I can agree on that 100%. 

As you might have heard hundreds of time, building an online business requires you to deal with your niche very detailed.

Just think of content creation, researches and detecting new trends.

What makes this a thousands of times better?

To be passionate about your niche and love what you are doing. 

Especially, in hard time with low growth you this way more likely stay motivated!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."- Winston Churchill

This is exactly what I wanted to convey to you in my introduction.

I can almost guarantee you that everyone who starts out with an online business will make mistakes. 

And that’s actually a good thing, because you learn from these mistakes. 

Instead of giving up in these hard times, try to detect what could have been done better. 

It almost always has a reason. 

Is it your user-unfriendly website design? Your barely insightful content? Or you not using must-have tools and resources?

Re-evaluate these things and keep going. It can only get better from there on!

Also, in times of success, take a moment and celebrate it. 

But at the same time, think about how you can expand your business. Always embrace the challenge!

The sky is the limit for your success.

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today."-Franklin D. Roosevelt

This quote is to show the importance of your mindset. 

It is actually all about the right mindset. 

There are two types of mindsets in hard times: 

  1. “I won’t make it”
  2. “I will make it”

Type 1 people will most likely give up their business any time soon. Hard times are a sign to give up for them. 

We don’t want to think like type 1 people.

Instead, type 2 people do not let anything come between theirselves and their business success. They see failure as an opportunity of learning 

This is of course a generalization, but I hope you get what I mean by this.

Staying positive and persistent is key to online business success.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." – Theodore Roosevelt

Another reminder on the power of mindset and belief in achieving success. 

This quote is a bit more illustrative to me. 

See your online business project as a path that ultimately leads to you being successful. 

Just to have a strong belief and the right mindset (remember type 1) in what you are doing, makes things and especially hard times so much more bearable.

Trust in what you are doing ad you are halfway there!

"Opportunities don't happen, you create them." – Chris Grosser

You can ask every successful business owner, they will all tell you the same: 

Building a successful business is not a matter of luck, instead a result of taking proactive steps towards your goal.

In order words: Instead of waiting for opportunities to come to you, you have the power to create them through initiative, innovation, and hard work. 

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." – Mark Twain

This is a reminder for those of you, who only dream of them being a successful online business owner. 

What can you do?

Get started! It is as simple as that. 

Take actionable steps towards your goal and see your dream come true. 

Need guidance on how to start your online business? Click here for an in-depth tutorial on how to start an affiliate marketing business in 6 simple steps.

24 More Motivational Quotes

Here are some quotes with similar meanings as the quotes above. 

But some of them maybe offer you new perspectives!

So here you go:

  • “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg
  • “Success is not about how many times you fall down, but about how many times you get back up.” – Unknown
  • “Success is not just about making money; it’s about making a difference.” – Unknown
  • “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
  • “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” – Steve Jobs
  • “Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.” – KT Witten
  • “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu
  • “Dream big. Start small. Act now.” – Robin Sharma
  • “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer
  • “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
  • “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vidal Sassoon
  • “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” – Arnold H. Glasow
  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson
  • “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Jordan Belfort
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker
  • “Success is not about the destination, but the journey to get there.” – Simon Sinek
  • “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford
  • “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.” – Unknown
  • “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius
  • “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” – Unknown
  • “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb
  • “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford
  • “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember everything you learned today! 🙂

Here are the key messages I want you to remember for this post:

Everything is so much easier when done with passion. Try to find something (e.g. niche) that you really enjoy creating content for and that fulfills you.

This way, staying motivated is no challenge at all for you.

Remember that setbacks are part of the journey.

See hard times and mistakes as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Stay resilient in the face of challenges, and keep moving forward toward your goals.

Trust in your abilities and persevere, even when faced with doubts or obstacles.

 Deep self-belief is so powerful and will bring you to success in no time.

Remember the quote … Believe you can and you’re halfway there…

That’s what I mean!

What is worse than failing? Having not even started!

Do not only dream about your online business, but rather pursue it with actionable steps. 

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because there is no perfect moment —start where you are with what you have.

Final Thoughts

Again staying motivated and disciplined is key to your online business success. 

Believe in what you are doing, keep up your hard work and, eventually, celebrate your success. 

You got this!


Picture displays the post's topic being how to pay off debt faster.

How to Pay Off Debt Faster (Ultimate Guide)

Among all of the things life can throw at you – rent increase, job loss, electricity bills- being caught in debts is one of the most uncomfortable situations one can be in!

With an average of 77% of American households being in any kind of debt you are not alone. Being in debt seems to be a widespread issue for many US households.

The longer you carry debt, the more interest you’ll pay over time. 

This makes it essential to pay off debt faster. And here is how!

What is Debt and What Makes it Dangerous?

Before having a look at the steps to pay off debt faster, let us clarify the definition of debts.

Debts is pretty much like borrowing money from a friend or a bank with promise to pay it back later. So far so good. 

But there are also the so-called interest rates, meaning extra money you have to pay back. That is where it becomes uncomfortable.

So paying off debt always means to pay back the money you have borrowed plus interest rates. 

Debts are a common way to buy things you can’t afford right away, like a car or a house, or to cover expenses when you’re short on cash.

While debt can help you get what you need or want sooner, it can also be risky.

If you borrow too much or can’t make the payments on time, it can lead to stress, financial problems, and even damage your credit score.

That’s why it’s extremely important to be careful with debt and only borrow what you can afford to pay back later on.

How to Pay Off Debt Faster

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to pay off debt faster. While assessing your debt situation and stop making more debts are the absolute fundamentals, using debt repayment strategies and increasing your income can really accelerate your debt repayment. 

For more in depth-knowledge just read on and be ready to change your financial future!

Assessing Your Debt Situation

This step is crucial! Before fighting your debts it is essential to face the truth. 

Debts come in various forms including credit cards, student loans or personal loans. 

So grab pen and paper or an Excel Table if you are not feeling old-school, and determine how much debt you have to pay off. 

In your calculation you should include factors such as all outstanding balances, interest rates and minimum payments.

This initial step might be the most uncomfortable one, but it is truly the most crucial. 

You can hardly fight the unknown, right?

Stop Making More Debts

Now that you have an exact debt amount in front of your eyes, it is now time to make this number zero.

Fighting debts but still paying with credit cards. This doesn’t make any sense!

If you start paying off on the one end, you cannot create new debts on the other end. This way, you can barely free yourself from your situation. 

So try to only spend money, that you have in your pockets. No loans ands credit card payments – at least if you are not 100% sure that you can pay it back.


Budgeting is a powerful tool to gain control of your expenses. There are several budgeting pans including the 70-20-10 rule.

This for instance translates to spending 70% of your income on wants and needs, setting aside 20% for savings and investments, and using 10% of the remaining income to repay debts. 

While such a budgeting plan can reduce the risk of being caught in overwhelming debts in the first place, they can be still useful for people who are already in these situations. 

In other words: Make your own plan! Look where you can cut expenses. For example, make your own 50-20-30 plan with 30% of your income being uses to repay debts. 

Make Minimum Payments

As you are now in your repayment mode, it is essential to start by making your minimum payments consistently.

Making your minimum payments is the most fundamental point when trying to pay off debt.

Being not able to repay the minimum amount of your debts will lower your credit score. And that’s really not what you want to happen!

Making your minimum payments regularly is thus the absolute basis of your repaying plan.

Exploring Debt Repayment Strategies

Once you managed to make all of your minimum payments you will successfully start your repaying process, but slowly

To accelerate this process there are repayment strategies worth paying attention to.

It is even worth applying these strategies for every single dollar you have left after having made all of your expenses and your minimum payments.

So let’s have a look at the two most proven methods:

Snowball Method

The snowball method involves paying off debts in order of smallest to largest balance. 

This method is great for people who struggle to stay motivated.


Well, starting by paying off the smallest balance will help build momentum. You will feel a sense of accomplishment pretty soon. 

Avalanche Method:

In contrast, the avalanche method focuses on minimizing interest payments and saving money in the long run.


You simply start by repaying the debt with the highest interest rate and continue making your minimum payments on other debts.

Using this method will save more of your money than the first method. 

Seeing progress may take longer here, as you start with your largest debts and interest rates. 

Increase Income

You can also optimize something on the other end! Just make more money. Easier said than done, I know…

But nowadays there are so many opportunities to make an extra income.

Due to digitalization you cannot only earn money offline but also online. 

And this makes things a lot easier.

Here are a handful of side hustles you can take on in 2024:

  • Freelance Writing or Editing 
  • YouTube Channel or Podcast
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Fitness Training (virtually or in person)
  • E-commerce Store

Apart from these, you can also start by making money passively. There are a lot of ways to do so.

For whatever way you ultimately decide on, make sure you direct any additional income towards debt payments to pay off your debt faster.

Set Yourself a Payoff Date and Be Motivated

Do you know what’s better than paying off debt? Setting yourself a deadline!


It makes you even more disciplined and motivated. Tell yourself that you HAVE TO be debt-free to a specific date.

Even if you not manage it to this date, it has brought you a lot nearer to being debt-free!

Keep your goals front and center by visualizing your debt-free future and reminding yourself of the benefits of financial freedom.

Less stress, more flexibility …, isn’t that great?

Celebrate even small victories along the way – such as an extra payment or paying off a credit card balance!

Perhaps you can also seek support from friends and family.

Whatever helps you staying motivated: DO IT!

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember the most important things you learned today!

Paying off debt faster is crucial for saving money on interest. The longer you carry debt, the more you’ll pay at the end of the day.

Plus, paying off debt reduces your financial stress.

Making a list of all of your debts and start budgeting your income is key when fighting your debts.

If possible, try to cut your expenses and use it to make regular payments.

Start by making the bare minimum payments.

Once you covered the absolute basics you can accelerate the whole proccess.

Use additional money to pay back your debts by using wither the snowball or the avalanche method. 

Ideally, start side hustles to make extra income and use it to pay off your debts faster.

Final Thoughts

Being caught in debts is a horrible situation that might seem inescapable. But that is not the case.

As you learned you can take several steps to pay off your debts faster. 

Just make sure to start as soon as possible, so that you can save money in the long run.

Picture displays post's topic being the 8 best passive income ideas in 2024.

Best Passive Income Ideas in 2024: Make Money While You Sleep

Doesn’t it sound great that there are possibilities to make money while you are sleeping? Totally passive. Luckily there is not only one way to do so, but rather a number of ways. Lean back and explore the best passive income ideas in 2024!

And why?

Go through your own life and think about how you made money previously. Most likely you are one of the roughly 80% to 90% of the US workforce working in a normal job. You are exchanging your time for money.

What will happen in the long-term?

As Warren Buffet once said:

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

And that’s making sense. You will sacrifice your time to make money until you are retired. 

For me, life is too precious to just fill it with work. That’s why I want to share with you my best passive income ideas in 2024!

Getting Things Straight

For me it is very important to get things straight, so that you don’t have any wrong expectations here.

Many of the following ways require a lot of commitment, hard work and a lot of time to earn your first money passively. 

That’s probably the reason why 70% of people want to be self-employed, yet only 6% are. 

And let me be honest: Those numbers are no surprise for me. It is, of course, more comfortable to have a stable working plan allowing you free-time on weekends or having the guarantee to get your regular wage. 

However, this should not discourage you to get started and earn money passively. Because once you have overcome this hard starting time, all of your hard work will pay off instantly. 

Think about it: You are waking up with $400 just made overnight! Or being multiple times a year on vacation and still making money! That feeling is priceless. 

This should rather motivate you to finally get started to make passive income. 

Best Passive Income Ideas in 2024

So here are my best passive income ideas in 2024! 

Choose methods that meet your personal preferences and needs!

Rent Out Property

Renting out your property is probably the most classic of all ways following. 

How does it work?

Well, it is actually as simple as it might sound like: Renting out property involves leasing a residential or commercial space to tenants in exchange for regular rental payments.

At its essence, it is a way to invest your money with the sweet benefit of appreciation and rental income!

When you decide to rent out property, try and follow the advice provided below: 

  • Conduct market research to determine competitive rental rates
  • Screen potential tenants to ensure a reliable and responsible occupancy (without tenants = no money)
  • Maintain the property to attract and retain tenants

Weighing Pros and Cons


#1 Rental Income (while sleeping)

#2 Potential Property Appreciation

#3 Long-Term Wealth Building


#1 Property Management Responsibilities (yes, that’s also part of it…)

#2 Tenant-related task (complaints, property damages, late payments, …)

#3 Property Maintenance Costs


Starting a Blog

If you don’t only want to generate passive income, but also want to establish a personal brand, blogging might be the go to way for you. 

Start making money blogging requires knowledge in SEO and a decent amount of monthly visitors. Once you nailed this, you can start monetizing your blog!

In short, you can monetize your blog using the following 6 proven ways: 

  1. Ads displayed on your blog
  2. Affiliate Marketing 
  3. Selling digital products
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Sponsored Content
  6. Online Courses and Coaching

For more knowledge on how to monetize your blog the right way, just click here! In this post you will find in-depth knowledge on all 6 ways presented above.

Especially in the beginning, establishing an own blog is challenging. You have to create high-quality content consistently without earning a single penny for weeks and months. 

Therefore, try to choose a niche you are passionate about and really enjoy writing about. This will make it easier for you to motivate yourself to keep going!

But trust me, once you succeed in establishing your blog you will be rewarded with a lot of passive income!

Weighing Pros and Cons


#1 Once established, (a LOT of) passive cash flow

#2 Low Start Up Costs

#3 Unlimited Potential (huge scalability)

#4 Creative Outlet (share ideas, thoughts, expertise, …)


#1 Time-Intensive (in starting process) 

#2 Many Things to Learn (SEO, Content Creation, Marketing Strategies)

#3 Competition (some niches are saturated making it harder to attract people)


Dividend Stocks

To break it down, investing in dividend stocks is a strategy where investors purchase shares of companies that regularly distribute a portion of their earnings (=dividend) to investors. These investors (YOU) are the so-called shareholders.  

That means that if you purchase a stock you become a shareholder of this company. 

Usually, dividends are paid out quarterly. However, there can be other schedules such as annually.

Investing in dividend stocks is a great choice for people seeking a steady passive income without the responsibility to manage their investment. 

The only work you have to put in is taking research on the companies you are planning to invest in. Pay special attention to the following points: 

  • Dividend History: Growing and consistent dividends?
  • Financial Statement: Consistent revenue growth? Strong profitability?
  • Industry and Market Trends: How is the industry likely to evolve in the future?

Weighing Pros and Cons


#1 Money While Sleeping 

#2 Stability 

#3 Long-term wealth accumulation 


#1 Market Fluctuations

#2 Dividend Cuts if company is facing financial challenges

#3 Lower Growth Potential (no reinvesting, but pay-out) 

Affiliate Marketing

Doing affiliate marketing is another way to make your money while you are sleeping. 

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting other people’s products. For each successful sale made through your unique affiliate link you will get a commission. 

Sounds good, right?

To establish a profitable affiliate marketing business it is crucial to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate links. 

To do so, one of the first steps on your affiliate marketing journey is to choose the right platform. 

As presented above, one platform could be your personal blog. As not everyone is into writing thousands of words, there are a bunch of platforms still left. Choose whatever platform works best for you: 

  • Blog
  • Social Media 
  • Email Marketing 
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Online Forums

Weighing Pros and Cons:


#1 Passive Income 

#2 Low Entry Barrier (no upfront costs)

#3 Flexibility (work from where and when ever you want)

#4 Low Risk (no product creation, etc.)


#1 Income Variability (depends on costumer behavior, popularity and season)

#2 Competition (some niches are oversaturated)

#3 No Control over pricing or quality  

Create and Sell Digital Products

Whether an ebook, online course or coaching. Selling your won digital products is one of the most profitable things to do in 2024!

Whereas creating this products might be the easier part, selling it is when it becomes challenging.

To be successful it is essential to have an audience who are willing to pay for your expertise. 

Establishing this audience is usually a  long process that requires endurance and consistency.

Similarly to affiliate marketing you can build this audience using several platforms. Remember: solid traffic is key!

Great platforms are for instance:

  • Personal Blog
  • Social Media (e.g. Instagram  and TikTok)
  • YouTube Channel
  • Email Marketing 
To create your digital products  there are a number of programs that are great for beginners:
Ebooks: Canva

Online Courses and Coaching:

Weighing Pros and Cons

#1 Once created, passive cash flow

#2 Scalability

#3 Low Overhead Costs (higher profit margins that physical products)

#4 Control (set your own prices)


#1 Time Investment

#2 Continuous Updates (to stay relevant and competitive 

#3 Technical Challenges (in the creating process)

Purchase a Vending Machine

If you’re on a tight schedule during your office break, rushing through an airport layover, or simply in need of a quick snack in a public space, that’s when vending machines become your go-to lifesaver. Everyone knows them!

And let me say you this: Located at the right spot, vending machines can make you a lot of money passively!

The most important step is to look for the best location for your vending machine. Here are some examples:

  • Office Buildings 
  • Schools and Universities
  • Airports
  • Gym and Fitness Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Public Transit Stations

Weighing Pros and Cons


#1 Passive Income (if placed properly)

#2 Low Maintenance 

#3 Scalability (not a single one, but two, three, four, …)


#1 High Upfront Costs (vending machines can be expensive) 

#2 Location Risks (success depends on location)

#3 Vandalism (leading to financial losses)

Create a Podcast

Creating a podcast is a great choice for those who don’t want to write endless-seeming blog posts or record YouTube videos.

Similarly to a blog or YouTube channel, podcasting is another opportunity to build a brand. 

Usually, podcasts are in an audio format, but can be virtually as well. In most cases, in podcasts the host (potentially you) interviews guests and talks with them about controversial topics.

If you can imagine yourself doing this, try and record your first podcast any time soon. 

And how can you make passive income with podcasting?

If you manage to attract a number of purple regularly, you can start thinking of monetizing your podcast.

That works quite similar to blogging or YouTube. The best ways are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships and advertisment 
  • Courses and Coaching 
  • Merchandise 
  • Memberships and Premium Content

Which of these ways works best for you depends on your niche and your personal needs. 

Weighing Pros and Cons


#1 Passive Income

#2 Scalability (with growing audience)

#3 Diverse Monetization Ways 


#1 Initial Time Investment 

#2 Competitive Landscape (challenging to attract people)

#3 Equipment and Software Costs (e.g. microphone)

Buy Crowdfunded Real Estate

This is quite similar to buying and renting out real estates. However, crowdfunded real estates come with the sweet benefit of not having to deal with the annoying things. 

What things are annoying?

Just think of tenants not paying rent, or repairs and management tasks. Annoying right?

With this method you use crowdfunding platforms to invest in properties. An experienced team then suggests suitable real estates and will take care of all the annoying stuff.

There is still more: You can start by even investing a few hundred dollars instead of hundreds of thousands!

For this service you usually pay an annual fee. 

Weighing Pros and Cons


#1 Passive Income 

#2 Diversification (you can invest small amounts in various real estates)

#3 Low Entry Investments 

#4 Reduced Risk Exposure 


#1 Lack of Control 

#2 Lower Income (compared to high-risk, high-return investments)

#3 Fees and Charges 

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember the most important things you learned today! 🙂

Generate passive income through rental properties.

Ideal for those willing to invest in real estate and manage rental properties.

Consistently produce valuable content on a blog to attract and engage an audience.

Well-suited for those passionate about a niche or topic.

Invest in stocks that pay regular dividends.

Suited for those interested in stock market investments and seeking a source of consistent income.

Leverage your online presence to promote products or services and earn commissions on sales.

Ideal for those with a strong online following or content creators.

Connectable with blogging, podcasting, email marketing, your YouTube channel, … .

Share your expertise by creating and selling online courses.

Suitable for individuals with in-depth knowledge in a particular subject.

Buy vending machines to earn passive income through snack and beverage sales.

Great for those who search for a low maintenance and scalable business model.

Create a podcast to share your insights, interviews, or stories.

Monetize through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, ads and premium content.

Ideal for those who enjoy audio content creation and building a loyal audience.


Pool resources with others to invest in real estate projects.

Offers diversification and professional management, suitable for those seeking passive real estate income without the annoying things 😉

Final Thoughts

After all, earning money passively should be the goal of each and every one of you! The freedom this brings is immeasurable. 

I can just dearly recommend to start.

At least you have got an overview about the best passive income ideas in 2024 now!

Why I Started 1

How to Make Money Online for Beginners: The Ultimate Overview for 2023!

It has never been easier to earn your money online than nowadays. In this post, we will go through easy ways to make money online for beginners in 2023!

Advancing for many years, digitalization has truly transformed our daily lives and now offers us the opportunity to make a living off the internet. People like Adam Enfroy and Melanie Duncan, who both established a 7-figure online business, show us that this does not have to be a small amount but rather has no limit. So there is literally no reason preventing you from starting your online business!

Table of Contents


But which types of online businesses can one start today? Well, you can choose from a whole variety of online businesses!


The most obvious of which is setting up an E-Commerce. This basically translates to having an online store on which you sell your own products. Whether it’s pants, food, or your self-developed beauty cream, the sky’s the limit for you!

Having to set up your own online store can, indeed, seem a bit overwhelming, but with the help of platforms like Shopify, even toddlers can create their own online shop in minutes. (I know… a bit exaggerated but you get what I mean… It is really simple!) The biggest benefit of having an own online store is certainly independence and flexibility. Thus, you can be your own boss and set your individual rules. Accordingly, the online store owner has the freedom to make their own decisions on product offerings, pricing, marketing strategies, and more! Sounds good right?

Alternatively, you can skip the part of creating your own online store and just sell your products on popular platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. This, for instance, comes with the sweet benefit of having a lot of traffic (= potential customers), thus a higher chance to sell your products. On the other hand, you have to align with certain rules and pay extra fees to use the platform‘s payment services, too. Ultimately, this choice is a personal one, as some people prefer more individuality while others might enjoy having a payment service setup for them.

Affiliate Marketing

In contrast, the next method does not require you to have your own product. The so-called affiliate marketing refers to people advertising specific products or services of others which thus leads to a purchase. You, the so-called affiliate, then get paid a specific commission.

Setting up your affiliate marketing business is not hard at all. You can break it down into three simple steps: signing up for an affiliate network, choosing a product to advertise, and lastly of course making people buy the product you are promoting.

The commission rate you will ultimately get paid averages around 15% and 25%. However, there are a number of companies that pay a commission anywhere between 50% and 75%. So if you are lucky a product that costs 100$ for customers roughly brings you around 50$ to 75$ right into your bank account. And that’s for each successful purchase. You can potentially make hundreds even thousands of these!

To get the highest commission rates and thus the most money it is essential to choose the right affiliate program. As this is a whole topic in itself, I created another post dedicated to this topic. Just click here to read more.


This business model was and still is a very popular way of earning money online. Why so?
When it’s done properly dropshipping rewards you with high revenues while not having to have much expertise. Great for beginners! But what is dropshipping?

The image visualizes the concept of dropshipping as one method to make money online for beginners

As a dropshipper, you sell products directly to customers without holding inventory for them. You basically take the role between the supplier and the buyers. The image above visualizes this concept pretty well.

To take a considerable profit home and to keep your customers satisfied it is beneficial to work with a supplier from which you can buy your products at a low price and which can provide short shipping times. For instance, it is quite counterproductive when you can buy a product at low cost but struggle to fulfill your order within 4 weeks. Most certainly your customer will be unsatisfied and probably start refunding the purchases. Doesn`t sound too good, right?

For more information on this topic, I recommend you to read this post. It covers a whole guide on different suppliers for your dropshipping business!

Equally important is a so-called winning product meaning a product that attracts people’s interests. It should preferably solve a problem. Without finding it, a profitable dropshipping business is beyond reach. The most well-known method to detect a winning product is doing your research on social media platforms preferably TikTok. With hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt you will get shown a bunch of potential products that evidently satisfied people thus having a greater chance to sell these products yourself.

At this point, it is essential to me to highlight that dropshipping is often portrayed as a get-rich-quick scheme in social media platforms, especially TikTok. Unfortunately, in most cases, this does not apply as it is quite hard to find the ONE winning product. When it comes to dropshipping, finding a profitable product is key to earning high revenues.

But don’t worry, as soon as you find a profitable product dropshipping rewards you with high revenues.

Online Investing

In the realm of online investing, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant increases in value, making them an incredibly lucrative option. Rather than keeping your money in a bank account, you can make it work for you by investing in these digital currencies. It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrency does carry a risk of losing money, so it’s best to only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Equally, engaging in the stock market can be successful too in terms of making money online. Investing in stocks brings you money by buying a small piece of ownership of well-established companies such as Sony and Apple. These companies usually have been around for years and are thus mainly considered stable. But how can investing in stocks make your account balance rise?

Well, you can basically make money off stocks in two ways:

  1. Through selling: When the company from which you own stocks grows and becomes more successful, the value of your stock may increase. At this point, you can then sell your stock for a considerable profit.
  2. Through dividends: A number of companies pay their shareholders a portion of their profits as so-called dividends. You can basically compare this to getting a bonus for being a shareholder. Good for you, because dividends offer long-term and regular income for you!

Content Creation

The last – very popular – method I want to present to you in this post is earning money through content creation. By creating and sharing valuable content on a plethora of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or even on blogs you can showcase your creativity and expertise. The ultimate goal of a content creator is to build a large audience as it allows you to combine several income sources that I mentioned above.

Accordingly, having a vast audience of hundreds of thousands of people you have more than enough traffic to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing business by promoting other people’s products. Or maybe you are so lucky to get sponsorships bringing you a massive income home. Once you reach a certain level of popularity you can also think about launching your own products or even merchandise.

But don’t get me wrong. content creation is not as easy as it might sound. It is crucial to remember that building a large audience and ultimately making money off it takes years of practice and particularly consistency. Also, success in content creation often relies on finding the perfect niche that you are passionate about creating content for and understanding your target audience. Once you constantly improve your content to meet your audience’s needs, success is already guaranteed!

Final Thoughts

As you might guess, there are a myriad of other ways of making a living off the internet. Nevertheless, I hope I could give you an understandable overview of possible online business models you can start without having to have specific expertise. If there is still something that remained unclear, feel free to write your question in the comment section down below!