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How to Increase Website Traffic (Top 6 Proven Ways)

You are spending days to write an in-depth guide, really wanting to help your audience, but soon you notice you are getting just a few or no views at all.

That’s frustrating.

As I am just starting out with this blog, I am more than familiar with this annoying problem.

Now you probably ask yourself, how can someone with relatively low website views can give me advice on how to increase my website traffic.

Well, I am now running this page for several weeks actively with new regular content published consistently. 

Especially in the last few weeks, I discovered new methods to increase my website traffic at least a bit. And what has started as a bit can quickly turn into a lot!

That’s why I want to share with you my top ways to increase your website traffic!

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How to Increase Website Traffic

What is Website Traffic?

Let us start this topic by explaining what website traffic actually is.

Website traffic refers to the number of visitor who access your website and interact with its content.

For example, they read your posts and watch your videos or perhaps make purchases on our website. These are interactions.

If you are one of the persons who need it visually: Imagine your website as a storefront on very busy street. 

The street represents the internet and each person entering your store is equal to a visitor of your website. 

People are now seeing your products inside your store and you can perhaps sell some products and make money. 

That’s why website traffic is so crucial: You get heard!

Apart from blogging, there are a bunch of other ways to make more money. Read the following post to know more:

Define Your Audience

The very first step of increasing website traffic is to understand your audience. 

What do people look for on your website? What are their preferences?

To collect these data it is useful to have a look at your niche and your topics.

If you are, for example, in the food niche people most probably looking for recipes or food hacks. 

Also, try to define your audience’s demographics. Do you speak to younger or older people? 

Collecting these information at the beginning is important as you can design your whole website accordingly.

Optimize for Search Engines (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to all practices to make your website more appealing four search engines such as Google or Bing. 

Properly optimizing your website for SEO leads to your website being ranked higher in search engine result pages (SERP). 

Doing SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase your website traffic. 

Consider reading this ultimate SEO guide for beginners as it covers everything you need to know about SEO!

In short, try to implement these SEO practices for your website to increase your website traffic:

  • Keyword Research: Try to identify relevant keywords related to your niche and target audience
On-Page SEO:
  • Optimize your website’s titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content with targeted keywords
  • Design your website logical easy to navigate 
Off-Page SEO:

Pay special attention to link building as this is by far the most proven way to be successful with SEO.

Create High-Quality Content Consistently

Especially at the beginning with less views, it can be hard to motivate yourself to write posts consistently. 

But for your blog or website to grow it is crucial to do so!

In the very most cases this hard work pays off. 

So let us dive into some strategies to be consistent and high-qualitative in blog posting:

Content Planning Strategy:

Being consistent in blog posting is hard. I know…

But you can barely increase your website traffic without posting consistently. 

A proven content strategy is a personal content calendar:

Determine how many posts you plan to publish per week. 

The number really doesn’t matter as long as you stay consistent. 

For example, you are still working 9 to 5? Well, then just set your goal to one or two blog posts a week!

Try to figure out what amount of posts is manageable in your personal daily life!

In your content calendar, also plan your next posts: Their title and a rough structure of it.

This is a proven technique of many well-known bloggers out there, since it leads to a seamless work flow.

Post Strategy:

When writing your newest posts try to be as informative and insightful as possible. 

People tend to return to your blog or website if they found your content helpful. That’s a fact!

Therefore, once you caught a few people through SEO, for example, it is then your goal to convince these people from your content. 

Give people a reason why they should stick with you instead of the competitors!

The best way to do this is, again, through creating outstanding and relevant content! 

Evergreen Content Strategy:

Well, what does evergreen might mean?

It refers to content that remains relevant and valuable over time since it is timeless. 

Creating evergreen content is a great strategy to increase website traffic!

On the one hand, evergreen content generates constant traffic as it addresses timeless topics, and on the other hand it is resource efficient.

What I mean by this, is that, even though evergreen content evolves significant upfront efforts, it pays off in the long term. 

That’s because, unlike news or trend-based content, which quickly becomes outdated, evergreen content continues to attract traffic and engagement months or even years after it’s published.

Utilize Social Media

Nowadays, you barely find people who are not using social media platforms. 

With hundreds of thousands new users joining per year, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and Pinterest are growing more and more. 

This statistic is just to give you some proof. Accordingly, there were 4.89 billion users of social media worldwide. 

This number is expected to grow until 5.85 billion by 2027.

Isn’t that incredible?!

For us bloggers and website owners this is a huge opportunity for FREE traffic.

And that’s how you can make use of this traffic:

  1. Create social media accounts on platforms you expect your audience is active on
  2. Constantly share new content that reflects your niche 
  3. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages and mentions
  4. Link your profile to your website 

Ta-da free traffic for your website. 

Utilizing social media to increase website traffic is really a powerful tool in nowadays.

Write Guest Posts

Another source of completely free and high-quality traffic is guest posting.

Guest posts are typically written by individuals in a particular niche and are published on another website or blog to reach a new audience.

These posts provide valuable content to the hosting website while allowing the guest author to showcase their expertise and reach a broader audience.

In the most cases you create the content for the hosting website for free in exchange for links leading to your website.

This way you increase your website traffic trough two ways:

  1. Through people following your links to your website 
  2. Through SEO as these backlink typically lead to your website being higher ranked in search results 

When it comes to guest posting, there are a few thing to pay attention to:

Niche Relevance: 

You want to guest post on websites that share the same audience as you. That’s to make sure that people will also like the content on your website.

No Direct Competitors: 

Do not guest post on competitor’s websites who might sell similar products as you.

Most probably, people wouldn’t see a reason to buy your products instead of your competitor’s ones.

High-Quality and Authoritativeness:

That’s probably the most significant aspect: Only guest post win credible and high-quality websites.

Linking to your website on not trustworthy websites would lead to the complete opposite if what your are striving for.

Google would lower your rank in search results. Do everything to prevent this!


When it comes to your links, there are also some things to keep in mind. 

You don’t want just a link in the author bio leading to your homepage. 

Instead you want top include some contextual links. What do I mean by “contextual”?

Links back to content on your page that suits the topic you are writing about in your guest posts.

For example, let’s say your guest post is about your favorite dish. Link back to a post showcasing kitchen gadgets to prepare this meal.

Start a Mailing List

Depending on what you and the host agreed on, you want to use this free traffic to start a mailing list.


Email Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there.

According to Dot Digital’s report, for instance, email marketing has a higher ROI (Return of Investment) than any other digital marketing channel. 

In particular, according to Dot Digital’s report email marketing has an average ROI of $39 for every dollar spent.

Just think of what you can promote with email marketing. new posts, product releases, affiliate products, videos, podcasts, … the sky is the limit!

To build your mailing list, give your audience something that is too good to pass on. A freebie that provides step-by-step guidance, for example.

To build an email list and to launch email campaign I’d recommend MailChimp.

The Takeaway

At the end of each of my posts I provide a short takeaway. Just to make sure you remember the things you learned today! 

Website traffic is the amount of people visiting your site and interacting with its content.

Optimizing your page for SEO can boost your rank in Google search results. 

Optimize for on- and off-page SEO to achieve the best results.

Make sure to include strategies in your blogging routine.

Plan when and about what topic you want to blog (Content Planning Strategy)

Be as insightful and informative as possible (Post Strategy)

Create content that is timeless and that remains relevant (Evergreen Content Strategy)

Build a social media presence and promote your website on it. 

Make use of hundreds of thousands users of social media platforms worldwide.

Guest blogs are written by people for another website in exchange for backlinks. 

Backlinks to your website lead to your page being ranked higher in search results.

Starting a mailing list is on of the most effective marketing strategies. 

Give your audience a freebie in exchange for their email address. 

Promote posts, products, videos, podcasts, … by sending mails to your audience.

Final Thoughts

I am happy that you made it till the end of this post!

You are now well-equipped with everything you need to know on how to increase website traffic.

Now it is up to you. Will you apply these methods to finally see your traffic numbers grow?

I’m sure you will! You got this.

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