Hey there, chief hustler is speaking!

Well, I am the founder of ProfitPursuers, and first off it is amazing to have you here!

Huge thank you for each and every one who is browsing regularly through this blog!

But I guess an „About Me“ page is supposed to give you some background about me.

So let’s get started:

Stuff About Me

I am actually 19 years old (currently) and a full-time student, living in Germany.

After having graduated last year (2023), it was quite clear, that I don’t wanna work till I am retired.

So basically I don’t wanted to end up like all of my teachers (no hate against teachers…).

Through this motivation, I looked around and heard about the opportunity of earning money online.

This concept is just great!


Well, you can basically work from where and whenever you want. And that was and is so mind-blowing to me.

So, long story short, after having graduated and heard about this opportunity, I soon figured out that affiliate marketing is something that is extremely beginner-friendly.

And what can I say: I am still working on this business.


My Motivation Behind This Blog

With this blog another idea came to my mind:

Why not motivating other fellow hustlers to seize this great opportunity to earn money online!

That’s the whole thing behind why I started this blog.

I want to take you in the online business world and motivate you to do the same with guidance and help whenever you need it.

Let us strive together to live financially independent.


A Little Request

One thing at the end: I am sure that I am not doing everything right on this blog – Well, I am relatively new to this too.

Therefore, please use my contact form or the comment sections below my posts to give me feedback.

Would be so grateful for that!

Now it is time to join our community and help each other to grow!

We all got this!