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Best 5 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Let me say you this: Being successful in affiliate marketing does not require you to have an own website! 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to start your online career as  you can start for free without any huge risks. 

Especially for beginners, building an own website to start with affiliate marketing might be an overwhelming challenge.

For those of you who feel so, I created this post to give you an even less complicated start of your personal affiliate marketing journey.

Here are my top 5 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website!

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Best 5 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Understanding Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale or lead generated through your unique affiliate link.

While a website can serve as an effective platform, it’s not a prerequisite for success in affiliate marketing.

Successful affiliate marketing can also be done via other channels than your own website.

Regardless which channel you choose, there is one common criteria to become successful in affiliate marketing: TRAFFIC!

At the end of the day it is not relevant on which channel you do affiliate marketing as long as you drive decent traffic to your affiliate links.

That’s why there are other possibilities apart from an own website to establish a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Getting Started

Before thinking of possible marketing channels, it is vital to have a look at the starting process. Without a decent foundation you won’t be successful in long-term. That’s the truth!

So let us look at the absolute basics of starting an profitable affiliate marketing business.

1) Identifying your niche 

The probably most important steps of any following is the choice of your niche. 

The niche is the general niche your content will be dealing with. 

Advice: Your niche choice should be affected by the following aspects: 

  • Personal interests and passion
  • Personal expertise 
  • Monetization potential 

Following these advice will ensure that your affiliate business has a solid foundation that is necessary for your business to flourish. As I said, a decent basis is key for success!

2) Choosing affiliate programs

Without this step you will not be able to earn a single penny from affiliate marketing. Through affiliate programs you get your unique affiliate links with which you can start promoting. 

Affiliate programs give you the chance to promote other’s products for a commission. 

There are different affiliate programs out there – some better than others. 

Affiliate programs, for instance,  can vary in terms of their commission rate, reliability, offered products and their cookie duration. 

As choosing the right affiliate program for your business is not an easy task, I created a whole guide on the best and highest-paying affiliate programs out there! Just click here to read more. 

3) Create High Quality 

The third step and the step that will require you to have a lot of endurance is to create high quality content.

Successful affiliates have one thing I common: They are consistently creating high-quality content for their audience. 

And what is high-quality content?

Content that helps your audience- it is as simple as that!

Do not just slap as many affiliate links as you can in one post just to make the most money. That is not how the game works. 

Go the extra mile and provide content that entertains, helps or solves your audience’s problems. 

It will pay off – trust!

For more in-depth advice on the whole starting process of establishing a successful affiliate marketing business just click here!

Best 5 Ways to Do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

You cannot imagine yourself building an own website, but yet you are interested in affiliate marketing?

Well, today is your lucky day as you will learn about the best 5 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website. 

1. Utilize Social Media Platforms

Let’s be honest. Hardly one day goes by without people clicking  through social media platforms. 

With millions of active users every day social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or X (formerly Twitter) are vital in the world of online marketing. 

For us affiliates this means FREE traffic (= visits and clicks) for our affiliate links. With each and every user you can potentially make your first commissions. 

How can I use the power of social media platforms for my business?

In affiliate marketing it is your primary goal to get people to your links so that you can earn commissions after someone makes a purchase. 

To achieve this, try to create compelling content that aligns with your audience’s interests and your niche. 

Advice: Stay in your niche! Remember that people will follow you to see more content in your particular niche.

Let me make an example: If people followed you because of your health advice, for instance, they will most probably unfollow you when you start publishing finance tips. See the point? You will loose followers (= potential traffic) at the end of the day.

As you learned above, this will only work out when you create valuable content consistently. Only this way you can grow a  considerable following in long-term.

This requires time and endurance, but it will pay off once you have a solid audience.

2. Launch a YouTube channel

Maybe you are someone who better wants to stay away from writing thousands of words, but loves to create videos. Then YouTube might be the right platform for your affiliate marketing business.

Even though YouTube counts as a social media platform as well, it is worth to have a look at YouTube separately.

Compared to other social media platforms you have to create longer videos on YouTube. That is the main difference.

Also, if you manage to grow a considerable following on YouTube with thousand of views on your posts you get paid a lot.

That is the case because YouTube pays you per click, making this another income stream apart from affiliate marketing. 

Advice: Reviews of certain products usually work great on YouTube in terms of affiliate marketing. You can review both physical and digital products in YouTube videos.

Firstly, it gives social proof and trust by providing real user-experiences. 

Secondly, reviews significantly impact conversion rates, influencing potential buyers to proceed with a purchase.

Growing on YouTube is a tough journey that requires consistent posting. Try to create posts that entertain or solve your audience’s problems. That will speed up your growing process. Promised!

3. Engage in Online Forums

Have you ever sought advice in the internet and ended up on online forums? 

Online forums gain popularity among people making it another source of FREE traffic for us affiliates.

Look for forums that are dealing with a topic aligning with your niche. Immerse yourself in these online forums and actively participate in discussions, offering valuable insights.

Establishing your presence in these communities can be a powerful channel for affiliate promotions.

Advice: Avoid spamming your affiliate links in online forums. Instead try to share affiliate recommendations when it naturally fits the discussion. Focus on being helpful and insightful.

4. Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is as old as the internet, yet it is still extremely powerful for affiliate marketing. 

To be successful with email marketing you need one thing: a looot of email addresses!

How to you get those? 

Use your audience from your social media accounts or online forums and convince them to give their email addresses.

Advice: Provide something that lures your audience to give their email addresses. Something that is too good to pass up. That can be a free ebook, pdf or an insightful article. 

Once you collected a number of email addresses it is time to launch campaigns. In your campaigns you send out several emails that contain your affiliate links. 

But pay attention to not flood your audience with emails. This will eventually lead to a lot of people unsubscribing. 

5. Create Podcasts

Discussing controversy topics in podcasts has gained more and more popularity.

Set up an own podcast channel that deals with topics aligning with your audiences interests. 

Podcast hosts can strategically feature affiliate products or services, sharing personal experiences or insights to create a genuine connection with listeners – similar to YouTubers as we learned above.

Advice: Try to incorporating affiliate links into podcast episodes seamlessly integrates promotional content into the topic you are talking about. That allows a natural and authentic endorsement.

Later on, you can invite affiliate partners to your podcast which then builds collaborative relationships and credibility. As you can see, podcasting has an immense potential for affiliate marketing without a website.

Final Thoughts

So building an affiliate marketing business does not necessarily require an own website. You can do affiliate marketing using a number of other platforms: 

  • Social Media
  • YouTube
  • Online Forums
  • Email Marketing
  • Podcast

At the end of this post you should have learned that consistency is key in affiliate marketing. Regularly update your posts and re-evaluate strategies. 

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